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Beautiful QR Codes - QR Code Generator

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Personalize QR Code design

Scanova is the easiest QR Code maker that allows you to create custom-designed QR Codes with a logo or a background image. No need for a graphic designer. Custom QR Codes are visually-appealing to look at and attract more scans than plain black-and-white QR Codes.

Use readymade landing pages

Scanova is not just a QR Code Generator. It allows you to create readymade-yet-customizable landing pages for your promotions. No developer or coding required. Simply click, add content, and create landing pages in no time.

Edit QR Code content anytime

With dynamic QR Codes, you can edit target URL or landing page content anytime without the need to create a new QR code. This is possible because dynamic QR Codes are permanently encoded with redirecting short URLs.

Track scanning activity

Scanova is a powerful QR Code software that allows you to track scanning activity of your dynamic QR Codes along with useful analytics such as scans by time, location, and type of devices. Advance users have the option to integrate Scanova Analytics with their Google Analytics account.

Export QR Codes in vector

With Scanova QR Code Generator you can export QR Code images in both raster (PNG, JPG) and vector (EPS, SVG, PDF, PS) formats. QR Code vectors are required for further customization of QR Code design and high-resolution printing.

Access enterprise features

If you have enterprise-level requirements, then Scanova is the right tool with advance features such as bulk generation, QR Code generation & management API's, multi-user access, and white-labeling.

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